Our Team

The $SPORTS team comprises a mixed bunch of experienced professionals, influencers, designers and crypto enthusiasts who have come together for this purpose. We are dedicated to the development of this platform to enable the new generation to have a better sporting experience and hence changing their lives forever.

Sheik Alau'ddin Yacoob Marican, PBM


Dr Sheik was a two-times Silat World Champion and four times recipient of the Coach of the Year award from Singapore National Olympic Council. He is a well-known Silat legend locally and is making a name of himself internationally. Sheik took up the role as full-time National Coach when he retired as an athlete in 1999.

Since his involvement in the Pencak Silat arena, Sheik is not a type of person who will accept the knowledge as it is. He will explore any new knowledge which he thinks will benefit him in his future planning. Sheik has studied with many martial arts teachers from various Silat clubs and schools. He would always look into any opportunities in giving back to the society, and with the setting up of GRASIO in 1997 he was able to do so.
After almost 12 years in the public service, serving in different appointments and responsibilities, Alfred joined the private sector and founded his own management consulting firm in 1990.
Since then, with a business ethos ‘Local yet Global’ he established strategic partnerships and conducted & consulted businesses in the retail, education & sports, hospitality & resorts, healthcare, financial, nonprofit and Government sectors in ASEAN, North & South Asia, Europe and the USA. Primarily focus on business re-engineering, renewal, succession & strategic planning, business intelligence, innovation and internationalization. Presently consulting in Mergers & Acquisitions and investment. He has also served both global and local corporate and non-profit management boards as a senior member and advisor. A firm believer in Corporate Social Responsibility, Alfred constantly advocates this aspect as part of his consulting business. Alfred has a deep sense of cultivating Social IMPACT businesses and has served and led many initiatives here and overseas.

He was selected to lead and be a part of national projects. He led the SG50 “Honouring our Nation Builders” showcase in 2015, and was a part of the citizen workgroup for “Work Life Harmony” in 2019 as well as the “National Symbols” in 2021. The citizen workgroups are deliberated at government levels and then calibrated for enactment or amendments to existing or new guidelines or implementation for the Nation. He is an internationally recognized and nationally accredited Management Consultant and holds an MA in Training, Development & Education from the University HULL, UK.

Alfred Lye


Andrew Yap

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew’s forte is identifying potential projects and quality companies, helping them to fund raise from private equities, ICO or other non-traditional financial avenues. His significant decision-making has impacted firm growth to many companies and crypto projects.

Andrew Yap also runs his own property agency in Indonesia. He manages clients’ and developers’ expectations well to bring transactions to the table. He is shrewd in managing people with different personalities and making sure the objectives are achieved.

As one of the team members of the National Champion during his school days at the 1993 World Invitational Dragon-Boat Race, he hopes to inspire young people to excel in sports.
Dareius graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school having a double degree in business management and restaurant management in 2006. He had worked in a property developer firm which manages malls and industrial real estate. In 2012, he started a successful ecommerce company and serviced office. He is currently managing his family’s portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial real estate. An early crypto adopter who has invested in coins which has multiplied by a thousand fold, and founded a blockchain company which was featured on CNA dealing with crypto trading and mining. He has given talks and advisory on cryptocurrency mining and investing.

Dareius Lim

Chief Marketing Officer

Muhammad Jawad Ul Hassan

Lead Blockchain Developer

Hassan is a full stack blockchain developer. He can translate your imaginations into smart contracts and help you to migrate your existing business to blockchain.
Arounen has vast experience in tech experience and managing projects across the cryptocurrency and NFT space. He has successfully led multiple projects successfully in the past through his gamified approaches. These include First 11, Crazy Rich Coin and Meta Shiba amongst others.

Arounen Murdhen

Tech Leader

Patrick Neo

Project Leader

As a certified scrum master and with more than 3 years of sales experience, Patrick is an excellent communicator and is able to work well when it comes to project management and handling people. Patrick has managed multiple crypto projects in the past and has successfully led them to success.
Jodi graduated from the National University of Art Education. She comes from a strong Hotel Management background and is creative at providing services with diverse marketing strategies. She has been actively involved in different projects and has achieved great excellence. She has been awarded as top management person with her attention to details from her previous involvement.

Jodi Chu

Operation Leader

Our Partners

Meta Factory - By William Development Group

Meta Factory consists of a team of developers and ICO consultants, spearheaded by William. William adopts a strong philosophy of partnership in his work, and only engages clients who pass their strict vetting procedures on their offline and online businesses. The Meta Factory team has made a strong statement to its client that it will only accept businesses that offer real value and are solving real-world problems. Any other intention of starting the project, the team does not wish to have any bit of involvement even in the development work.