Token Utility

$SPORTS NFT Launchpad

The SportsCollective marketplace is the platform that brings holders and their favourite athletes together. It creates the environment for fans to acquire NFTs curated by international stars in the sports industry. Each athlete-curated NFT comes in collections and carries different rarity. The rarer a piece is, the higher the price of the NFT is bound to be. NFTs transform digital and physical works and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain.The NFTs will be based on real stars of the sports world, have staking abilities and will be tradable on online marketplaces such as OpenSea.
Be ready to experience and cherish a panorama of NFTs including:
1- Superfan badges
2- Iconic sports moments
3- Portraits of legendary athletes
4- Signed accessories
5- Athletes’ images
Holders of the $SPORTS token will need to whitelist themselves in order to access particular collections of different athletes. The whitelisting fee is paid in $SPORTS. Post minting of their piece, they will be able to find their NFTs in their wallets. By holding one of the NFTs curated by your favourite sportsperson, holders can brag about being the sole owners of these NFTs. Make sure to be the first to grab those NFTs at release since we have got so many fans wanting to grab those much sought after NFTs! Make sure to join the platform as early as possible!

SportsCollective Launchpad platform

The SportsCollective Launchpad platform leverages the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts to help athletes and their clubs to raise funds. Post a KYC process by the $SPORTS team, athletes and clubs alike will be able to create pools on the platform to raise funds with a repayment date and interest payments associated with the amount borrowed. In order to join those pools backed by clubs and athletes, holders of the $SPORTS token will need to be whitelisted. Once they are whitelisted, they will be able to pledge their tokens to pools either in BNB or ETH against a return based on the pool size, time period and expected profitability of the investment. This will help clubs and athletes to crowdfund on the platform through the use of blockchain technology.

SportsCollective Foundation

The foundation has been set up as a means to give underprivileged athletes the opportunity to have an opportunity to have formal and professional training. The foundation ensures that talent is nurtured and allows athletes to pursue their dreams. Through the use of scholarships and professional amenities coupled with the supervision of professional athletes, the foundation aims at bringing those talented individuals to the international level. The SportsCollective foundation would be funded through a mix of donations from fans and a portion of the fees will be retained for marketing and development purposes. In order to contribute directly to the SportsCollective Foundation, members on the platform can make donations either in ETH or BNB directly on the platform through the pre-provided wallets.

Vote to Earn

The $SPORTS platform allows people to embrace the vote-to-earn concept where holders can make money by simply determining the outcome of sporting events. They can win NFTs and cash prizes. All these can be done by simply logging into the app and swiping through the various events and voting prior to the start of the event. Grab your daily dose of sports news from the sports platform. All you need to do is to just sign up.