$SPORTS is the native token of the SportsCollective platform. It will be launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. $SPORTS will give holders the ability to benefit from the multiple utilities that the token holds.
For projects to be successful, there is a need to have proper tokenomics in place. Our tokenomics ensures that holders are always rewarded and that it is community driven with marketing funds. $SPORTS introduces blockchain technology in the lives of fans and athletes alike in a seamless way.
Total Supply: 500 000 000 $SPORTS

Distribution of tokens

  • Community Treasury:

    20% of the total supply of $SPORTS will be reserved for the SPORTS community. 15% of the total supply of $SPORTS will be locked for over a period of 3 years. 5% of the total supply will be used as first year rewards, 5% of the total supply will be used for second year rewards and the remaining 10% will be used for the 3rd year rewards, amounting to a total of 20% reserved for community treasury.

  • Founder Token:

    8% of the total supply of $SPORTS will be reserved for the $SPORTS team. Locked 6 month, 36 month linear unlock.

  • Advisors:

    Advisors will hold 3% of the total token supply locked 6 month , 36 month linear unlock.

  • Developer Team:

    The development team will be entitled to 3% of the total $SPORTS supplied.

  • Marketing and Airdrops:

    6% of the tokens supplied will be reserved for marketing and airdrop purposes.

  • IDO Presale:

    25% of the total $SPORTS supplied will be available for pre-sale with a soft cap of 25ETH and a hard cap of 50ETH. Presale price will be at a 25% discount of the public sale listing price. 60% of the funds raised at the presale round will be used to provide liquidity for the public sale round and the remaining 40% will be used for marketing & operations purposes. In order to prevent dumping, presale token holders will only receive 5% of what they have purchased every 15 days with no tokens on day 1.

  • Liquidity:

    12% of the total $SPORTS supplied will be available for sale to the public through the DEX. 5% of the total supply will be reserved for centralized exchange listing.

  • Burn:

    18% of the total token supplied will be burnt at launch.

Transaction fee breakdown

  • Redistribution:

    To reward all holders of $SPORTS, 0.5% of all transactions will be redistributed to holders.

  • Marketing and Development:

    A 12% buy tax on every purchase of $SPORTS and a 12% sales tax on every sale transaction will be retained by the $SPORTS team for marketing and development of the token.

  • Burn:

    0.5% of every buy and sell transaction on the SportsCollective platform will be retained for token burn at regular intervals.

  • SportsCollective Foundation:

    A percentage of buy and sell transactions will go into the foundation for a greater cause.